How to Get Freelancer Projects

How to Get Freelancer Projects
How to Get Freelancer Projects in 2020

Are you planning to become a freelancer? Are you tired of working from 9 to 5 job? Then, you should definitely think about the alternate options, that can help you to grow in your career.

Freelancing is a widespread field and millions of people adopted and prefer to work from home or co-working place. If you think that you are a creative soul and has a passion for earning an income at home, then you should go for the freelancing. 

Now, the question is what you can do as a freelancer? 

There are many options and services you can offer from home. Freelancing opportunities have increased in large number from the past a few years. All it takes to start offering a freelance job and started earning.

If you are a web developer or software developer, you have a probably felt envy from inside when talking to your friends who have quit the job and switched to freelancing. As a freelance developer, you can earn more money than you would earn in your full-time job.

You have full freedom to be your own boss and enjoy your work and many more perks. No, one can interfere in your work life. But, on the other hand, it is not a good idea to quit your full-time job and get into the freelancing if you do not have a stable client base. If you want to build the client list, then you need to get noticed.

List of the Freelance Sevices you can offer to the clients

If you want to try something new, then you should try your hands at different freelance jobs. You will choose the right freelance service as per your skill set.

1. Web Development

If you have the expertise and have a good understanding of web development and programming then you are in the right direction. It is more like a technical were a web developer need to know more of coding to create the websites. In the freelancing world, web developers and programmers are always in demand and they can make a good income working from home.

2. Web Design

If you are creative and love to design the website, then you can go for the web designer. Your creative skills would help you to pursue a full-time career and can help you to earn money from home. A freelance designer can lucky to get money-making opportunities online. It is one of the most demanding and creative fields where the client can hire the designer for creating the website. If you have the talent, then you can make a decent income working from home.

3. Web Research

Are you expert in web research? Are you fast in finding the instant web pages and can make good cash while sitting at home. Then, all you need is just an internet connection and quick research speed. Web research freelancer is paid to find important information online.

4. Data Entry

The data entry job is to input all the data into a company’s system and the data entry job covers word processor, coders, typists, transcribers and clerks. You don’t need the skill to become a freelance data entry operator. If you know the basics of Microsoft Excel and have a good understanding of the job of a clerk, then you can earn a good amount per entry from home.

5. Virtual Assistant

To become a virtual assistant is a difficult job but it is worth doing. These days, a virtual assistant is in demand and the responsible people or individual is a self-employed personal assistant who works from home for many clients. 

Many small businesses are now hiring freelance assistants who work remotely. Freelancers are hired for an hourly basis and earn a good amount of money per hour. The work underlies in this category is of a virtual assistant and may vary from emails, manage social media, make presentations, blog management, schedule the meetings and many other.

Benefits of Working as a freelancer and how it can help you 

1. Build your profile

The one thing a client always looks in a freelancer is whether you will be able to deliver the work or not. If you are new, there a chances that you will lose out on the projects to a more experienced freelancer because clients are spending money on their projects and they want every money to count on their project.

If you want to make a good impression with the client then you need to have an impressive profile. If you have done some projects then show your best work, put all the required details and screenshots of the project. But, do not brag too much about your work, just be precise and clear.

2. Free Work

In the beginning, freelancer faces a tough competition. To get the first project, you need to have a good reputation based on the projects that you have already completed, Since you are starting from scratch, you have no projects and no reputation. In case you find yourself in such a situation, then your objective is to build your reputation rather than get paid. This will help you to gain some experience and make some contacts and start building your profile.

3. Write articles to other websites

The best way to gain attention in your field is through writing. Writing about web development or programming tutorial would help you get the freelance project. Writing tutorials or articles for a well-known website can give you a lot of exposure. The best part of writing the article is you can earn a handsome amount for this work. Once you published some articles, then you can include all of your work links in your portfolio.

4. Word of Mouth Publicity

Word of mouth publicity plays a vital role when it comes to landing freelance projects. You need to make yourself known in places where you will find the clients. You can meet the clients both offline and even online and you should have a proper strategy for both. When you meet a client, maintain a friendly tone. A potential client is more likely to hire you if you can connect well with him/her.

5. Share open-source projects

There are many clients that do not have a strong software development background and these clients always prefer the freelancers with a good experience. To work on open-source projects is a good way to establish your credibility with clients. It also gives you an advantage over other freelancers and it is not difficult to do, though it could be confusing when you are getting started.

6. Go to meetups 

Social connection can have a greate impact on your career. The more you connect, the more likely you get the projects. You can take the help of social networking websites and start interacting with people and make new connections. To go for technical meetups is an excellent way to connect with people and promote yourself. Meetups give you a good opportunity to share your knowledge, experience, learn and share new things from different sections of people.

7. Get the testimonials

Recommendations are very important in getting the business. You are likely to hire a person or a freelancer recommended by a friend than the one you saw in the advertisement. There’s comes testimonials and gives your reputation of a good freelancer. Once you complete the project, make it a point to get a reward in the form of a testimonial from your prospective client.

When you add the testimonial in your profile, then be sure to add the client’s name and company. It will leave a good impression and make a huge difference, especially if the client has heard the list of the company or the client. 

If you want to become successful as a freelancer, then you need the right skill and have complete knowledge about it. Apart from this, your profile should be impressive and speaks on your behalf and a strong network. 


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